The Song of the Cell

THE SONG OF THE CELL, FIRST EDITION, Interior Reprint Corrections:

  • Page 11, As far as we know, DNA is present inside every living cell (unless it has been ejected from the cell).
  • Page 92, His parents brought him to an ophthalmologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to obtain a diagnosis.
  • Page 130, “the delivering new genes” to “the delivery of new genes”.
  • Page 143, the word “commissioner” is replaced with “reviewer”. The line should now read “the FDA had appointed a new reviewer, Frances Kelsey.”
  • Page 143, “had ascended” is replaced with “would ascend”.
  • Page 211, Addition of the word “currently” before “at Caltech University.”
  • Page 223, sentence replaced: “This cancer and the HIV infection are thought to be unrelated; HIV infected men have a higher risk of certain lymphomas, but not of AML” with “This cancer and HIV infection are weakly related. HIV infected men and women have a high risk for certain lymphomas, and a 2-fold risk of acquiring AML, although further studies are needed.”